Where’s the Dentist When You Need One?

And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it. – I Peter 3:15

I’ve returned today from my third visit to the dentist. I still have my problem. I’m going to have to go back next week and hope it gets resolved. I had no idea that I would have to go through this sort of long and drawn out (month long) ordeal to just get a simple problem resolved. I went in today and was moved through a number of “stations” (not of the cross) thinking I was going to find relief. It wasn’t until I was led out into the office and charged a fee that I realized I not only didn’t get any fries, there was nothing even approaching a happy meal in my hands as I walked out of the building.

Once I stop being mad and frustrated, I try to put this all in perspective. I water the flowers and fix dinner. Think about it some more. After cleaning up and loading the dishwasher it gets a little easier to find that important alignment between everyday experience and some eternal truth.

I’m trying to get the dentist to solve a problem, how many visits is it going to take? I think there are people all around me who are looking for solutions to all kinds of problems. Some of these problems and really big and even eternal. I wonder if anyone looking for some truth has felt like I have trying to get a dentist to solve one little problem? Frustrated and considering just living with it.

“Ah, Misha, he has a stormy spirit. His mind is in bondage. He is haunted by a great, unsolved doubt. He is one of those who don’t want millions, but an answer to their questions.”  ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

My wife has cancer. I’ve watched from across the room as she has interacted with total strangers she hasn’t even met. A clerk, healthcare worker, someone at the restaurant. They talk a little about her situation. She tells a little of her story, seasoned with faith, and then I can see eyes begin to fill with tears. I don’t think it’s always sympathy. I think many of these strangers have their own personal story with cancer that somehow relates. My wife has been able to deliver a little hope from out of nowhere.

Just like me, searching for a dentist and experiencing a great deal of frustration, there are people everywhere who can’t find satisfying answers to big questions.

Just like everyone else, there are believers who are in the middle of life with all of its triumph and tragedy. People everywhere, waiting for a kindness from a stranger who will share their life and a word of truth.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon,
for you never know how soon it will be too late.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

4 thoughts on “Where’s the Dentist When You Need One?

  1. Love you and Dawn! Tommy

    Tommy Bambrick, Ed.D
    HBU Office of Advancement
    c 713 299-5638
    o 281 649-3407

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  2. Randy, that’s what I call ‘shoe-leather’ faith…the sharing as you go into all the world…the everyday opportunities to comfort, or warn, or encourage…the moments when you can reach out and touch someone else with God’s love. Most of the time He has prepared their hearts for what He would share through you…Sometime you are only planting a seed for someone else to water…Love is transparent and vulnerable…so must we be. Sacrifice often is a part of that opportunity…Like your repeated visits to the dentist…must be someone there each time placed just for you…or a lesson in patient endurance as God speaks to you of eternal things to share…like your post for today…Thank you for ‘listening’…I’ll bet you made a difference in several lives each time you went to that office. Even as a young person you were caring and ‘listening’ to the lessons of life God was teaching you, learning to discern the real needs of folks around you…and you made some outstanding choices that have impacted your life even today…like Dawn! God bless you! Patsy


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